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Grey Everyday Bellaband Style 1011 2

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The everyday bellaband is simple, no lace and all comfort!

Forget rushing out and buying all the decent maternity pants and tops you can find. With The BellaBand you just slip it on over your belly and layer it over your unbuttoned pants to conceal that yes, your fly is in fact open. Now no-one will know for months as you trick them wearing your same pre-pregnancy pants without anyone being the wiser. The band is also helpful for those pre-pregnancy shirts that all of sudden all seem like belly shirts (too short). Layering the band over the pants and under your shirt, you can still wear your favorite shirts without exposing any impending stretch marks or a popped out turkey belly button.

It’s comfortable. How many things can you say that about? Not high heels, not thong underwear…it really is comfortable and almost gives your growing belly a harness to keep it from sagging mid-day. Made from nylon and spandex, it’s really stretchy so it will still fit those lucky moms that are expecting multiples!

Size 1: small to medium

Size 2: medium to large

Size 3: large to x-large

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